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Sport is a global phenomenon and
will never disappear, it is a product
of daily consumption.

Filip Kotvan, co-founder

Sports social network
is coming soon

The platform which serves athletes and sports entities
to connect, communicate and find new contacts.



Who we are


We're former athletes who know the problems in this industry. We are strongly motivated to help athletes and other sports entities.

Our vision is to create a platform for all the sports entities where they can connect, share their experiences, rate, or just presentate themselves.


The model of this platform provides a wide range of extensions to many other sports, which means new users on a proven model.

75 %

athletes have not yet cooperated

with sports agent

79 %

athletes would share their

sports achievements and career

84 %

athletes do not have any

experiences with sports social network



Kamil Kotvan

ceo and co-founder


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Filip Kotvan

idea maker and co-founder

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+421 944 908 511

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